Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So, it's Brittney again. Earlier tonight, Nate was outside with the kids picking up to come in and noticed Brittney's shoes outside. Not knowing how long they had been there, he asked her about them. She said "They stay outside, dad. They are my camping shoes." Okay, as I am typing this, it isn't nearly as funny as it was at the time. Oh the mind of a 3 year old! Gotta love it!!!


Rochelle said...

Okay, so I'm looking at my cousin Brooke's blog and guess what I found?!
How are you guys? We're doing okay in Utah. Are you going to be in Blackfoot for Thanksgiving? We're going to be staying with my Grandparents and are planning on trying to go over and see my "other parents" while we're there! Hope to see you!

Jess and the KIDS!!!! said...

Don't we just love our kids and what they think of in their little minds....just gotta love them or we would lose our minds:)

Dustin and Leslie said...

family pic turned out super cute. Everyone is growing up so much, it is hard to believe, and sad too. :(
I am so excited to see you guys, we miss you. I was thinking the other day...I haven't seen Nate since we moved here...that is the longest I haven't seen him since TX, and before TX was before we got married. Crazy! Drive safe wed. love ya

Andy and Adrienne Bass said...

Tucker has a "shoe" thing too! He has to wear cowboy boots wherever he goes. Actually, he has lately taken up the habit of wearing one cowboy boot and one snow boot. Quite classy!

tami said...

Stephanie, I found you while I was blog surfing! Cute blog! YOu will have to come and check us out sometime, I put you on our list of friends, I hope that is ok;)!